Best Beauty Secret Ever!

With so many shapes, sizes, and colors who’s to say what the definition of beauty is? Mainstream media wants us to believe that there is an ideal way to look. You either have to be “thick” and “full” or “thin” and “toned”. You have to have just the right “olive skin tone”. You have to have “almond shaped eyes”, but heaven forbid they be “too small” or “too large”. You have to have a bottom lip that is double the size of your top one and use Kylie Jenner lip products. You have to have those tight leggings with the little zippers on the bottom just because that’s what “is in”…etc.

YOU HAVE TO BE WHAT THE MEDIA WANTS YOU TO BE!¬†Right? You have to match a certain description right? You can’t just be a normal person. You can’t just like to wear plain t-shirts and regular skinny jeans, because that doesn’t make the cut. Right? WRONG. Stop listening to all the negativity, stop paying attention to all of the comparisons, don’t feed into the agendas!

You are unique. You don’t have to change anything about yourself. I’ve asked several people and read a million different posts and research articles, away from the mainstream pig feed, and guess what? The best way to feel beautiful is to learn to love what you’ve got! And what’s the top thing that people find to be most appealing and beautiful? Genuinity! A sincere smile, a confident walk, a sharable laugh, BEING YOURSELF.

I still struggle with my self esteem at times, and let me tell you it’s probably one of the hardest battles I’ve had to face. For years I wished I had the money to change my nose so that it would be little smaller, so it would be “cute”. For years I cried about my broad shoulders, wishing I could be petite like “all the other women around me” or that my hips were at least a little wider so that if I couldn’t be petite, I could at least have the perfect shaped hourglass that so many women desire to have. This way of thinking got me NOWHERE. Sitting in your self pity and victimizing yourself does absolutely nothing. Upon this realization I decided, “I don’t care how long it takes, I am going to love myself”. And as I’ve been working to love myself I’ve noticed that not only am I happier, but those who are coming into my life seem to be more positive people as well.

Best Beauty Secret Ever – LOVE YOURSELF.¬†Take care of yourself and try to be the best you that you can be. But don’t try to be the better version of somebody else because you never will be, you can’t be!

Start with the little steps…

  1. Combat Negative Thinking – Give yourself more compliments and less criticisms.
  2. Smile More – Even if you have to fake it at first.
  3. Look for the Good in Others – The more we look for the good in others, usually the less we look for the bad in ourselves.
  4. STOP COMPARING YOURSELF – You are too unique to waste your time wishing to be something/someone else.

Smile, You're Beautiful!

Love yourself, love your life, follow your dreams, and let the negativity go.

As Dr. Seuss once wisely said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


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